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Andy Serkis gets weirdest role yet in plastic pollution PSA

Gollum who?

Andy Serkis gets weirdest role yet in plastic pollution PSA
17 October 2019

Andy Serkis has played some wild and varied roles over the years – but this could just be the best. He's starring as a talking bumhole (yes, really) – but it's all for a good cause.

The role is part of a PSA, trying to get people to stop flushing wet wipes that block up our sewers. Remember the Fatberg? That's what this ad is trying to prevent.

"Most people think [wet wipes] break down like toilet paper when you flush them, but they don't," a press release for the video explains. "They get stuck and clog up our drains, causing spillages that pollute our waterways and oceans. Our sewage system is at breaking point."

"It's important to take care of your a**hole. And the a**holes of those you love. But afterwards, please don't throw wet wipes in the toilet. Be a good a**hole. Put them in the bin."

Natalie Fee, founder, of the anti-plastic pollution charity City to Sea who made the ad, said:

“It’s a bummer that so many people are still treating their toilets like bins and flushing single-use plastic wipes. And let’s face it, the real a**holes are the manufacturers who are still not listing the actual material of the wipe on the ingredients list."

"This is making it hard for people to realise they’re potentially flushing plastic down the loo. We’re thrilled that Andy is helping us raise awareness of the issue and shine a light on how what we do with our own ‘precious ring’ can save our seas. Be a good asshole and don’t believe the wipe.”

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