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An iPad isn't an iPad (in China)

Apple lose a major trademark dispute

An iPad isn't an iPad (in China)

It's not been the best week for Apple, legally speaking.

First Samsung won the right to sell their allegedly Apple-esque Galaxy tablet in the US and now, bizarrely, they've been banned from using the word iPad in China.

A company called Proview had lawfully registered the iPad name in 2000 for use in China and other countries. In 2006, their Taiwan-based unit sold the "global tademark" to a UK company for £35,000 ($54,856) and they then transferred the trademark to Apple.

But Proview recently took Apple to court to claim that the trademark for China's mainland market wasn't included in the original agreement. So it was 大卫 (that's Chinese for David) vs Goliath.

Surprisingly, Proview won and they are now seeking over $1 billion worth of compensation from Apple. Go 大卫!

(Image: Rex Features)

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