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An awesome Mortal Kombat secret has finally been unlocked after 20 years

Two decades after it first came out, Mortal Kombat is still giving up its secrets

An awesome Mortal Kombat secret has finally been unlocked after 20 years

Long before gamers were hunting for a nude Lara Croft code or upgrading all their Age of Empires units with STEROIDS (don't worry, we did it too), Mortal Kombat had introduced arcade players to a wealth of hidden gems.

From the "Toasty!" taunt to hidden characters such as Reptile and Smoke, the game's makers took huge delight in burying all manner of Easter Eggs deep within the arcade's programming. So deep, in fact, that one entire menu system has only just been discovered - 20 years after the first title launched.

Members of the Test Your Might forum have discovered how to unlock a rumoured "EJB Menu", named after the game's creator Ed Boon.

By hitting the Player 1 and Player 2 block buttons with a certain combination, forum member YourMKArcadeSource was able to bring up a menu system with a host of neat functions - including a special "Hello" message for Boon's family, final screens for all characters and a mini-game. 

The code is said to work on all versions of Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3, even including PlayStation 3 versions of the game. 

Here's the code being tested out on the old arcade cabinets, and the PlayStation 3 (which requires two controllers to be plugged in).

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