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Amazon and Twitch customers can now get free games to keep forever

Five games are being released in March, with more to follow

Amazon and Twitch customers can now get free games to keep forever
Tom Victor
14 March 2018

Ever since Amazon took over streaming platform Twitch in 2014, fans have been waiting to reap the fruits of the relationship - the idea of having an on-demand game service to stop us rinsing our best Amazon Prime series list is high on our list.

There have already been a few benefits, such as Amazon Prime customers being able to access Twitch sans adverts, but the latest change looks like it could be big one.

A major issue with streaming platforms has always been the fact you often don’t permanently own the media you consume, but things are changing.

The last couple of years have seen Amazon Prime Video and Netflix let its users download content to watch online, but the latest move from the former – permanent game downloads – is another thing altogether.

According to a blog post from Twitch, Prime customers will be rewarded with free games. But it won’t be as a one-off – it’s a more regular set-up, to run over the course of the next few months and beyond.

The first two games are Superhot and Oxenfree, as well as Shadow Tactics and Tales from Candlekeep, two of the eight titles from Twitch’s Indie Amplifier programme, and beat-em-up game Mr Shifty.

A further five free games will be available from April, including Tales from the Borderlands. The majority of the 10 total games are recent releases, with many having only come out in 2017.

The full list of games is as follows:


Superhot, Oxenfree, Shadow Tactics, Tales from Candlekeep, Mr Shifty.


Tales from the Borderlands, SteamWorld Dig 2, Kingsway, Tokyo 42, DubWars.

(Images: Twitch/Apple)