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You can now buy toilet roll with Trump's tweets on

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You can now buy toilet roll with Trump's tweets on
04 August 2017

In a move that Donald Trump would no doubt denounce as “SAD!”, Amazon are currently selling toilet rolls with a collection of his very best/worst tweets printed all over them. 

Picture the scene: you’ve just dropped what can only be described as a monster in the can, and after mindlessly scrolling through countless memes on your Facebook timeline for what ends up being close to 20 minutes, you decide it’s time to get out of there. You reach for the toilet roll, and just as you’re about to tear, BAM:

You chuckle, probably sigh a bit, have a good old wipe, and turn once again to your custom Trump-enthused bog roll...

It just works, doesn’t it? The rolls are, unfortunately, only available to buy in Amazon’s US store, and the Washington Examiner report that the company quickly moved to put some distance between themselves and the product. Click on the page now and they show up as unavailable. 

Still anyone, anyone who was was lucky enough to register a successful order can look forward to tweets old and new from the President. Among some of the all-timers shown in the promotional image are:


Don’t get too excited about a UK release, but if it happens we’ll make sure you’re the first to know. 

(Lead image: Amazon)