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Amazon Prime Video's best superhero show is back at number one

We've missed this one.

Amazon Prime Video's best superhero show is back at number one
Marc Chacksfield
17 March 2024

Prime Video is no stranger to superhero shows. Where Disney has only really started to venture into R Rated territory, with the likes of Echo, Amazon has been happily been pushing its adult-orientated superhero fare for some time now.

The two key hits in this area are The Boys and Invincible. While we have to wait until June to see a new series of The Boys, Invincible is back with the second part of the second series and it's a blast.

Invincible is based on the Robert Kirkman comic books of the same name. Kirkman is showrunner with Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg in as exec producers.

The voice line-up is stellar with Steven Yeun starring as Mark Grayson the teenager of the most powerful superhero in the world that starts to gain powers.

J.K. Simmons is his father, Nolan Grayson; Sarah Yeo plays his mother Debbie Grayson. Walter Goggins, Zazie Beetz and Gillian Jacobs also star.

The show is so good that its Rotten Tomatoes rating is a near perfect 99% - and season 2 is on 100%.

Amazon Prime Video's best superhero show is back at number one
Image Credit: Prime Video
"This star-packed animation is an absolute triumph," says The Guardian.
"This mighty follow-up packs a wallop, proving that "Invincible" is one of the best superhero series on TV," explains

Slate reckons: "The show’s second season plays with structure and tone to explore the violence that shapes its characters’ lives."

While Inverse reckons: "As superhero fatigue becomes more pervasive, Invincible returns, and it’s as thoughtful, gory, and hilarious as ever."

According to FlixPatrol, Invincible is once again in the number one spot on Prime Video right now, with the rest of the top 10 as follows...

1. Invincible

2. Reacher

3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

4. Red Queen

5. Marry My Husband

6. The Grand Tour

7. Hazbin Hotel

8. The Boys

9. Rigo

10. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power