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'new Banksy' celebrates the Jubilee

God remind the queen of child labour laws

'new Banksy' celebrates the Jubilee

Now, it may not come as a massive surprise to you that subversive street artist Banksy is not a dedicated royalist.

So when we heard that his latest piece was commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, we didn't expect a loving portrait.

Our expectations were met and surpassed by his new image of a child working at a sewing machine, with union jack flags coming out of the end. It's believed that the striking work of art aims to shed light on child labour issues.

The piece was found on Whymark Avenue, Turnpike Lane in London and while it's not officially been revealed as a Banksy, we'd pin a fair few hopes. It uses his trademark stencil style and shows his general hatred for the establishment. Plus it's cropped up in a typically unlikely location: on the wall of a Poundland store in Haringey.

Why Poundland? Well over the past few years, the company has been at the centre of controversy after it was revealed that a seven-year-old boy was working 100 hour weeks to produce their goods. The company have since severed ties with the supplier in question.

What do you think of it? One of his best or more of the same?

(Images: Butterfly)