All the major movie studio intro sequences combined in one nightmarish video


Like meeting an old friend - particularly if he’s a fan of banging drums and blaring a trumpet - there’s something comforting about seeing a well-known film studio intro sequence before a film starts. It reminds us what we’re there to watch.

Every once in a while it even forms part of the narrative itself: who can forget Universal’s earth logo being flooded right before Waterworld? Or 007 almost being eaten by the MGM Lion before every Bond film?

What wouldn’t be welcomed of course is every single major studio intro sequence arriving at once in one massive orgy of orchestral sound, crisp CGI graphic and dreamy netherworlds. It’s the stuff of nightmares, now made reality by the team at Art 404.

Should you see this on the big screen one day, just know a projectionist is being fired somewhere.

[Via: Sploid]