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All grown up

Age-appropriate scents

All grown up
Danielle de Wolfe
20 October 2011

Too mature for all the kiddies’ fragrances stuff out there? Longing for the days when men’s scents smelled like petrol, testosterone and leather armchairs? Fear not, there are a number of options out there fore the trend-averse gentleman.

These vintage concoctions are more than just retro or ‘old school’ – they positively defy the commercially-conscious crowd pleasers out there with their unique and sophisticated accords.

Eau D’Ikar by SISLEY; £57.00 for 50ml EDT;

This may be a 'new' release but the formula has been kicking around the Sisley family home for the past 25 years, where it was spritzed by the gents in the dynasty. The central ingredient is Mastic, a resin from the trees of the same name found throughout Greece (where it is known as ‘tears of Chios’). It has a slightly waxy and licorice-like quality alongside the fresh barbershop soapiness that defined so many of those 70s men’s fragrances.

Legend by MONT BLANC; £37 for 50ml

As you would expect from the makers of the legendary Meisterstück Writing Instrument (that’ll be their signature fountain pen, thankyouverymuch), this fougere has all the olfactory hallmarks of an old-school men’s scent: lavender and bergamot at the top, an oakmossy middle and a healthy dose of coumarin and woods in the base. Nothing controversial here, but hugely sophisticated and quietly smug. Naturally, the label-less bottle is designed to resemble the brand’s famous inkpots. Which, naturally, are used to fuel the writing of offensively huge cheques with a matching Mont Blanc pen, er, writing instrument.

Aramis by ARAMIS; £40 for 120ml

Aramis may have been first men’s fragrance to go into a department store some 45 years ago but it’s enjoying a resurgence these days. And not just among fuddy duddies either. The young trendies are taking to this manly mix of woods, clove, leather and citrus notes in their droves (not least because serial Hollywood dater Paul Sculfor has lent his image to the classic cologne). It still has the whisky-infused air of a gentlemen’s club about it. Classy stuff.

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