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A terrifying 'Alien' TV Show is rumoured to be heading to Netflix

On your sofa, no one can hear you scream

A terrifying 'Alien' TV Show is rumoured to be heading to Netflix

The Alien franchise is one that has, just about managed to remain cool, despite there now being six films altogether (if you include the Prometheus and Alien: Covenant prequels) and if we ignore Alien Resurrection and pretend it never happened, then there’s five. We’re not including Alien vs. Predator because that is not canon. The proper Alien has enough films to keep you interested but not verging on the new Star Wars frequency which at last calculation, was a new film approximately every 36 hours.

Is it good new or bad news then, that there are rumours of an Alien TV show? Fan site Omega Underground have reported a ‘reliable source’ have informed them that 20th Century Fox are in talks to develop a series set in the Alien universe. 

Next year will be the 40th anniversary of the original Alien, that not only made us all pass out with terror but also propelled Sigourny Weaver to stardom. With a couple of Alien films on hold (Alien: Awakening was due to be next, but Ridley Scott is now focusing on The Cartel and any talk of the planned Alien 5 has dropped off the face of the earth) it’s unclear where the story is going to go next.

At the moment it’s still up in the air as to who would have rights to the show: early reports suggested streaming giants Netflix and Hulu were out of the running, while others suggest there they’re still in there, with internal debate as to whether it should air on a cable network or on a streaming service. Somehow we can’t see the BBC snapping it up but you never know.

Perhaps its success depends on how closely the series follows the original Alien story. If it’s just set in the same universe, it could be all kinds of wonderful sci-fi horror adventure, but we’d all tire of the monster popping out of someone’s stomach every week at the end of a 30 minute space romp, a la Scooby Do’s villain-ripping-off-his-mask genre.

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Perhaps to stop Alien: Overkill happening, they could do something totally different, like an origin story from the point of view of the monster? Why is he so angry? What caused his people to be this way? Everybody asks how they can kill the monster, but nobody asks why the monster behaves this way? Just a thought. I’m available for script consultation if needed.

In the meantime, watch this space. Geddit? Space? Like, the universe space? Fine. We give up.

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