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'Alien markings' have been spotted on the seabed

'Alien markings' have been spotted on the seabed

'Alien markings' have been spotted on the seabed

Aliens must bloody hate Google Maps. All that futuristic, stealthy space technology and the free web tool has given their game away yet again.

This time, in the North Pacific Ocean.

Yep, in news to make James Cameron strap another 3D camera on a submarine, some rather strange markings have been spotted on the ocean floor just off the coast of California. Patterns conspiracy theorists believe could be the site of an ancient alien civilisation.

First found by Peter Collier during a session on Google Maps, it didn't take long for the striking images to capture the attention of UFO hunters, who believe the ocean itself could even be an alien system.

Tyler Glockner of UFO hunters Secure Team 10 said this of the find: "We have some very strange lines that almost look like there was a large vehicle moving on the bottom of the ocean.

"Some have said these are actually sonar lines creating by boats scanning the ocean floor, however some of these tracks definitely seem to be dug into the soil and are complete with shadows. Basically [they look like] massive trenches."

Haters will probably say the markings are the work of mass erosion, a mining company or possibly a glitch in the servers of at Google, but of course we know better than that…

With 90 per cent of the world’s oceans still unexplored, how can we be sure no aliens have ever visited? Are we really that naïve to think that it isn’t possible ET and his mates plumbed the depths of our seas before going on to probe rednecks in Middle America? It’s the perfect hiding place.

And to think, scientists have wasted so much time looking upwards when proof of alien life was right beneath us all along.

Well, unless aliens control Google and they're sending us on an nautical goose chase. The scamps. 

[Via: The Mirror]