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Aldi and Lidl are bantering each other on Twitter, because 2017

This brandter is too hot to handle

Aldi and Lidl are bantering each other on Twitter, because 2017
09 August 2017

What I have learned, is that if you are a big brand and you need to somehow ingratiate yourself with the British public, then don’t bother focusing on important things like the quality of your product, just make sure you’re wicked at banter on the internet. Make sure you know what a meme is, and then fucking just tweet it or something – everyone loves you now.

Southern Rail scored a try the other week with their suspicious “work experience kid” doing some online banter, and everyone briefly forgot that their service is terrible. “Yeah but that boy told me what his favourite sandwich was! I forgive them!”

Now it’s Aldi and Lidl’s turn (not that they needed to get me on side – big fan of both already) to have a go at being a laugh on the internet. And depending on how well you are able to suffer gif reactions and memes, you may or may not find the whole thing utterly hilarious.

Either way, here it is. Firstly, the tweet that started the corporate banter, or brandtner, if you will:

Then, the banter floodgates opened:

But oh no! Who's this throwing a spanner in the works? BRACE YOURSELVES!


Phew, I'm pooped. That's enough brand banter for one day. Well done everyone, you can all resume normal service. Lidl, I'm looking at you - make sure your amazing potato salad is fully stocked because I couldn't imagine the screech I'd let out should I ever find the shelf empty.

(Image: Aldi/Lidl)