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Albums Reimagined As Architecture

Albums Reimagined As Architecture

Albums Reimagined As Architecture

Whatever your thoughts on house music, leave them at the door - Archimusic, an illustrated project by Federico Babina, is set to put an entirely different spin on the term.

The Italian designer, who’s previously imagined how the alphabet would look in building form, has now turned his attentions to classic albums, merging the aesthetic of the covers with elements including the song's melody and words in order to draw up some wonderful blueprints.

Using a musical bar from one of the album's songs to mark the level of the land, artists like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Radiohead have had their visual oeuvres raided for the works, almost all Saul Bass in style.

We especially enjoy the contour-clad floor plan for Joy Division’s HQ. Not that it would have a chance in hell of passing planning permission...

See the best below and others over at Dezeen