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Alan Sugar just tweeted a photo of his tax cheque, and holy shit it's a big number

We knew he was rich but...

Alan Sugar just tweeted a photo of his tax cheque, and holy shit it's a big number
07 June 2017

You know Alan Sugar: The UK’s answer to Donald Trump. Insofar as he hosted the UK version of The Apprentice, not that he’s an terrifying bewigged maniac in charge of the most powerful nation on earth. He does share another similarity with Agent Orange though: he is very very rich.

Then there’s the similarity he shares with me – he pays tax. If you earn money, really you should do too, unless of course you’re a Channel 4 comedian or Blade or something. Earn dough, pay tax – them’s the rules.

But seeing as Alan is quite a lot wealthier than you and I, he has to pay more tax. This is possibly a reason he’s none too keen on Corbyn gaining power, what with their plans to hike up the amount of tax the big-wigs and heavy-pockets have to pay.

He’s been quite vocal about this not being the case, though, and due to the inevitable Twitter backlash to him rejecting the Labour party, he decided to show everyone exactly how much he paid to HMRC this year. Let’s just say, this might be the first time I’ve felt sorry for Alan Sugar:

Fuck, that’s a lot of cash. I will never have that much money ever. Not even close. Christ.

Of course, the tweet has now been deleted, because everyone kindly pointed out that with a bit of Photoshop trickery, all his bank details were visible. Also of course, he responded to those observations:

And people proceeded to plaster the exact answer all over the internet.

It seems Lord Sugar has realised his mistake though:

So glad tgat account is closed anyway now. Tgat could’ve been a disaster.