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Aha! Alan Partridge's next TV show is currently being filmed

Partridge will to tackle the subject of mental health in his next TV series

Aha! Alan Partridge's next TV show is currently being filmed

Comedy icon Alan Partridge is returning to our screens, and the filming of his next series is already in progress.

Steve Coogan’s next slice of Partridge is called And Did Those Feet… with Alan Partridge. It sees Alan return to life in Norfolk after spending a year in Saudi Arabia.

“Seeing himself and his homeland anew, there are pressing and frankly glaring questions he’d like to ask of himself and, on behalf of himself, of the country,” says the BBC.

So far, the BBC has released just one still from the production of And Did Those Feet… with Alan Partridge.

It's a riposte to a Daily Mail story, in which a bunch of photos from the production were published earlier in May:

“I’m delighted to follow the Daily Mail’s exclusive coverage of filming and their gallery of paparazzi-style images with my own press release more or less confirming the details they’ve announced. All best, Alan.”

No mean Feet

The BBC says the show began filming on May 13 in the South of England, and we originally heard about it following its confirmation in February 2024.

There will be six 30-minute episodes, in classic BBC comedy fashion, but as yet we don’t know when they will be broadcast.

And Did Those Feet… with Alan Partridge will see Alan tackle the subject of mental health. “One of the first - if not the first - documentary to address the issue of mental wellness,” says the BBC — not entirely seriously, of course.

“This look into the state of the nation (and Alan’s own psyche) through a unique lens – that of Alan Partridge – promises to further bolster the already iconic repertoire of the most legendary comedy character in the UK,” says Jon Petrie, the BBC’s Director of Comedy Commissioning. “This series will firmly cement Alan Partridge as a national treasure."

We’ve been in an Alan Partridge TV show drought since 2021, when season two of This Time With Alan Partridge was broadcast.

However, there has been other Alan Partridge content since, including podcast From the Oasthouse. Its third series was released on August 31, 2023.