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Hitler’s oldest known living relative gives rare public interview to call Trump a liar

Alexander Stuart-Houston, 68, lives in the US but doesn't like Donald Trump

Hitler’s oldest known living relative gives rare public interview to call Trump a liar
09 October 2018

On 30 April 1945, in the subterranean Führerbunker in Berlin, Adolf Hitler and his wife of one day Eva Braun, facing near-certain defeat and death at the hands of the Soviets, made the decision to end their own lives.

Either by cyanide or a gunshot to the head (historians can’t agree), Hitler was finally dead. His body was hurriedly carried up the stairs through the bunker’s emergency exit to the Reich Chancellery garden, doused in petrol and set alight. A fittingly abject end for one of history’s most reviled men.

The Führerbunker near the Reich Chancellery in Berlin where Hitler took his own life

But that wasn’t the end of the Hitler family line.

A German reporter has tracked down the Nazi leader’s surviving relatives who are living in a quiet town in New York state - and one has spoken out to slam President Donald Trump.

Alexander Stuart-Houston, 68, was born in the United States and is the great-nephew of Adolf Hitler. He lives on Long Island near his two surviving brothers, Brian and Louis.

Alexander and his brothers are related to the Nazi leader via their grandfather Alois Hitler, who was Hitler’s half-brother. Before WWI, Alois settled in Liverpool with Irish-born wife Bridget Dowling, according to German newspaper Bild, and their son William later moved to the US.

William even served in the US Navy - fighting against the Nazis during the Second World War - before fathering Alexander and his brothers and changing the family name to bury the shameful association with their monstrous relative.

And now Alexander, who has shied from media attention for decades, has opened up about modern politics and has even given his thoughts on US president Donald Trump.

“The last person I would say I admire is Donald Trump. He is definitely not one of my favourites,” Alexander, a Republican voter, told Bild.

“Some things that Trump says are all right … It’s his manner that annoys me. And I just don’t like liars.”

But what about Trump’s German counterpart Angela Merkel?

“I like her. She’s good. She seems to be an intelligent and smart person,” he says.

He even approves of her handling of the refugee crisis – and says he’d vote for her if he could. “The Chancellor does what she has to do.”

Interestingly, Alexander dismissed widespread rumours that he and his brothers had once made a pact to never marry or have children to kill off the Hitler bloodline as “bullshit”.

Trump, who has German heritage himself, hasn’t yet responded to this latest insult – but with enough time and Twitter poking he surely will. 

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