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Reebok set to launch first plant-based trainers in 2020

They'll even biodegrade if they're left outside

Reebok set to launch first plant-based trainers in 2020
Danielle de Wolfe
23 December 2019

Plant-based has become something of a buzzword recently. But swapping meat for greenery ahead of the new year goes beyond diets - as the team over at Reebok can attest as they launch the brand’s first pair of plant-based performance shoe.

Yes, you read that correctly. Created using ingredients including algae, eucalyptus tree and castor beans to name but a few, the trainers are set to be the brand’s most environmentally friendly offering.

Set to launch in the autumn of 2020, the shoe is set to replace Reebok’s Forever Floatride Energy.

The brand claims the new design “rivals the best performance running sneakers on the market” - something that’s sure to be news to the ears of environmentally conscious runners everywhere.

It’s the brand’s latest effort to swap out petroleum-based plastics for naturally occuring crops that are more sustainable. It’s also the first trainer to feature rubber from real rubber trees - we know, it’s ridiculous it hasn’t been tried already.

Offering a highly-cushioned midsole, the sneaker’s upper will also naturally biodegrade if left outside because of the eucalyptus used to create them.

“With Forever Floatride GROW, we’re replacing oil-based plastic with plants. The biggest challenge in making a shoe like this was developing plant-based materials that could meet the high-performance needs of runners,” said vice president of Reebok Future, Bill McInnis.

It’s a sleek looking offering - one that’s been a long time coming for the renowned sportswear brand.

So, if you want to hear more about the trainer and the potential launch news, you can sign up here to find out more.

The original article noted that it was Adidas going plant based but it is in fact Reebok. Doh.

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