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Add a back button to your iPhone with this genius gadget

Add a back button to your iPhone with this genius gadget

Add a back button to your iPhone with this genius gadget

Apple puts many, many hours, and more money than you can imagine into developing its products, expecting perfection down to the last detail. And yet...

There are still oversights that it's hard to believe made it through the testing stage. Mercifully, one of them is about to be solved due to the world's first smart screen protector.

The release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - the largest models in Apple's range so far - introduced problems associated with the sheer size of the devices. Chief among them is the annoying-placed 'back' button on some screens, a place where it is difficult for those 'smaller of hand' to reach. Apple must have been aware of this: it featured the 'double tap' option on the main button, which brings the screen down to halfway, yet this is still a cumbersome workaround.

Step forward Halo Back. It's made of glass and features a separate capacitive channel that transfers electrostatic currents from the bottom to the top - effectively giving you a short-cut to trigger the top of the screen, handily located to the left-hand side of the main button. It also functions perfectly well as a standard protective screen, enabling your iPhone to withstand scratches and the inevitable drop.

Such is its obvious brilliance that it's already reached its Kickstarter goal of $20,000 (£12,300) - the current tally stands at over $114,000 (£74,054), so this is definitely happening. You can secure yours for $17 (£11) from the Kickstarter page and make your everyday life just that little bit easier.

You'll never look back.