According To Research Your Wallpaper Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life


Just when you thought you already had enough to worry about in the bedroom as it is.

New research has managed to find a correlation between the amount of sex Brits are getting based upon their bedroom’s colour scheme.

The study quizzed around 1,500 Britons on hanky panky and their interior design choices, discovering - quite oddly - that people who decorated their rooms in red, purple or black were getting a lot more sex than those with lighter coloured rooms.

In fact, those with red bedrooms were getting down and dirty on average of ten times per month, and black bedrooms nine times. Whereas couples with white or cream rooms were engaging in slap and tickle considerably less, which is a tragic insight considering 45 per cent of the nation tend to opt for these lighter colour schemes.

The survey was created to gather data for a new range of super sexy wallpaper designed by none other than perennial libido killer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – who’s named it Kinky Vintage. According to the horsey man himself, it’s designed to “inspire couples to feel sexy and passionate on date night.”

Which would be totally fine if anybody else other than Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen was saying it.


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