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A Visual Guide To Office Temperature Wars

A Visual Guide To Office Temperature Wars

A Visual Guide To Office Temperature Wars

You're bathed in sweat. Swimming in the stuff. Your wrists are leaving small, clammy puddles on the desktop in front of your keyboard, and you don't even want to think about what the back of your shirt looks like. Enough is enough. 

You make your way towards the office thermostat. It's been cranked up to an uholy 36 degrees. But the moment you lay a finger on it, "Could you leave that? We're freezing over here". 

It's a scenario that plays out in offices across the world every single day: the battle for the perfect working temperature. Some sit and shiver (you swear they're faking it) while others dissolve in perspiration. 

The good people at Andrews Air Conditioning know a thing or two about temperatures. They've compiled an infographic on the stats behind this long-running dispute, with a helpful summary of the optimum working temperatures as recommended by Cornell University. 

For the passive aggressive amongst you, it's the perfect chart to print off and pin next to the thermostat. Drawing a smiley face is optional. 

[Via: Daily Infographic]


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