A scientist has just created the 'most perfect female face' and it's too weird


No offence to this 2D photographically-engineered celebrity Frankenstein's Monster - we're sure she's lovely - but she definitely doesn't have the most perfect female face in the world.

This is mainly because she doesn't exist, but also because Dr Julian De Silva, the plastic surgeon who set out to create her (on paper only, don't worry), somehow thinks that Kate Moss' forehead is the epitome of feminine beauty.

Dr De Silva used facial mapping to analyse celebrities and came up with a list of the most beautiful, which he then used to design his creature.

By comparing celebrities to the Greek Golden Ration of Beauty, the doc discovered that Amber Heard has the most beautiful face in the world, followed by Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Emily Ratajkowski and, finally, Kendall Jenner.

Not content with mere knowledge, however, Dr De Silva set out - on a presumably dark and stormy night - to create the perfect face, consisting of Heard's nose, Kardashian's eyebrows, Ratajkowski's lips, Scarlett Johansson's eyes, and Kate Moss' forehead.

Still no word on why...