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A pastor has been selling photos of ‘heaven’

Heaven help us

A pastor has been selling photos of ‘heaven’

While most Christians celebrated the recent Easter weekend by stuffing their faces with Cadbury’s, one South African pastor went one better.

He went to heaven and took some photographs.

People with near-death experiences have long spoken about briefly visiting the afterlife before coming back down to earth with a bang, but none have ever been so canny enough as to take a smartphone - a feat preacher Paseka Motsoeneng, of the Incredible Happenings Church, claimed he achieved.

Paseka Motsoeneng

True to his creed, Motsoeneng was even so kind as to let members of his congregation see the snaps – after all, it’s not every day someone goes to heaven and takes their smartphone – even if it was costing them 5,000 rand (£240) for the pleasure.

Don't get your wallet out just yet mind. Once word got out and internet users got wind of the shots, the holy man had a sudden change of heart, telling his flock that it was all one big joke. 

Yeah, like we believe that. Do you think he wants us all using his stairway to heaven?

Mark our words, he's probably setting up God's Instagram profile as we speak.

[Via: Metro]

[Images: Shutterstock, Incredible Happenings Church]