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A parrot is going to be called as murder witness

Who's a clever boy then?

A parrot is going to be called as murder witness

We've heard of people doing bird, but this is ridiculous.

Prosecutors in a murder case are considering using a parrot as a star witness after it witnessed a double shooting at a house in Michigan in the US.

The alleged crime occurred in May 2015 when both Martin Duram, 45, and his wife Glenna, 46, were shot with a gun kept in their house. Martin died but Glenna survived. Police originally believed that it was a double shooting by a third party but are now considering the possibility that Glenna shot her husband before turning the gun on herself, but unintentionally survived the gunshot wound to the head. Police documents show that she left three suicide notes, while they were suffering financial difficulties. In addition, the couple always kept their doors locked and nobody else had a key.

Since in the incident, their pet parrot Bud, an African grey bird, has been repeating words seemingly said in an argument:

“Get out."

“Where will I go?

“Don’t f***ing shoot.”

Now legal experts are investigating whether a recording of the parrot's words can be used as admissable evidence in the trial, although Newaygo County prosecutors say the parrot won’t actually be appearing in the witness stand. Which, frankly, is a shame for everyone involved. We'd particularly like to see it try and swear an oath.

Currently, Glenna has not been charged, while she says that she does not remember what happened on the day. She denies killing her husband.

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