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A fake Ryan Gosling just trolled an entire awards show

He accepted the award for Best International Film

A fake Ryan Gosling just trolled an entire awards show

On Saturday, Germany’s biggest film awards ceremony, Golden Kamera, took place in Hamburg.

It was televised live and saw famous faces such as Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Jane Fonda in attendance. 

But it appears the biggest star was Ryan Gosling’s doppelganger, who was introduced as “the one and only Ryan Gosling” and took to the stage to accept the award for Best International Film for La La Land.

Doppelganger is generous. He kind of looks like Ryan Gosling’s long lost brother who borrowed a suit from the Go Compare guy. But seeing as he’s actually a 27-year-old Bavarian chef called Ludwig Lehner, that would make sense. Watch the debacle below and then we’ll explain how this happened:

Got a face like Farrell right now?

German accent, introduced himself as Ryan Gosling (our Ryan knows he doesn’t need to do that) and dedicated the award to Joko and Klaus who most definitely did not work on the all-singing, all-dancing La La Land. 

The most confusing part is how unphased the host appears.

And who the fuck are Joko and Klaus?

Turns out the pair are two well-known comedians in Germany who have a late night show called Circus HalliGalli and this was all part of a prank which went much further than they thought  possible (which explains why Lehner leaves the stage hurriedly). 

Both Gosling’s agents and the Golden Kamera team weren’t in on the joke.

When the awards show was unable to secure the real Ryan’s attendance to accept the award for Best Main Actor, they decided to give it to Colin Farrell (which is why he was there). 

Joko and Klaus then set up a fake agency and got in touch with the Golden Kamera crew to say that Gosling was actually available after all, prompting the show to create a whole new category to award Gosling seeing as they couldn’t exactly lump Farrell with a participation rosette after telling his team that he’d won.

To get around anyone realising Lehner was definitely not Gosling, they said that the actor had social anxiety and didn’t want to walk the red carpet or make any appearances before accepting the award. 

Joko and Klaus, rather proud of totally perplexing the entire audience are quoted as saying: "Actually, we were sure that this would never work. Not at the most glamorous award ceremony in the country. Not on ZDF. Not live."

That German humour doing them proud.

The Golden Kamera has asked for the award back to give to the real Ryan.