A 15-Year-Old Farmboy is a top polling candidate to be US President


No need to panic, but a 15-year-old farm boy from Iowa is in with a shout of becoming the President of the USA. You know, only the most powerful job on the planet.

According to a Public Polling Survey released this week, almost one in ten voters in North Carolina State said they would stick their tick next to the independent candidate known as Deez Nuts, above his major competition of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

The candidate’s real name? Brady Olson, a ninth-grader who found his inspiration to go for the big job after hearing of a cat in Kentucky seeing the Democratic nomination for presidency.

And yet, in a presidential campaign that’s already had its fair share of eye-rubbing ridiculousness (see: Donald Trump revealing senator’s personal phone number to the entire world; Donald Trump accusing Mexico of sending “rapists” over the border; Donald Trump even running for candidacy), it doesn’t seem that far-fetched that something like this could actually happen.

So good luck with that, America.

[Via: The Guardian]