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Is This The Worst London Flat Offer Yet?

Is This The Worst London Flat Offer Yet?

Is This The Worst London Flat Offer Yet?

It's almost as if they're testing us: landlords seeing just how far they can push before the capital's residents just snap and say "Nope. That's it. No more. We're off."

The latest comedy London rental property is this 'studio flat' in West Kensington which features just a single low resolution image of a tiny kitchen with a shower cubicle stuck in, presumably converted from where a sink used to be.

It's in a shared house with three other people in Edith Road, near to West Kensington and Barons Court Tube stations and is priced at a ridiculous £80 a week, or £347 per calendar month.

The room has been described as "very clean", with "good living space", a "wardrobe, table and desk [and a] wooden floor".

When you're listing a wooden floor as one of the attractions, you know you're really struggling.

It follows hot on the heels of previous revelations about the cost of living in London, with a new study showing that it's cheaper to rent and commute from Madrid than it is to live in Camden and our own investigations showing that Manchester is now the place to be.

Incredibly, estate agent Easylet International told the Evening Standard that the property had already been taken. A spokesman said: "There are plenty of studios with open-plan showers. They are more for student accommodation. People don't want to share any more, a lot of people prefer to be by themselves and have their own shower and kitchen."

Welcome to dystopia everyone.

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