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5 things cheaper to buy than the company behind Candy Crush

5 things cheaper to buy than the company behind Candy Crush

5 things cheaper to buy than the company behind Candy Crush

Activision Blizzard, the gaming group behind the likes of Call of Duty, World of WarCraftGuitar Hero and Destiny, is set to splash $5.9 billion (£3.8 billion) on acquiring King Digital - makers of the infuriatingly addictive Candy Crush series.

Five point nine billion dollars. That's... more money than we really understand - an indication of how lucrative the modern gaming industry is, and proof that web and app games can make a whole heap of cash (King Digital made around half a billion dollars in profits last year - through people matching up colourful shapes). 

So to help break down just how much cash Activision is spending, here are five other businesses, items and luxuries they could have picked up.

Star Wars

Cost: $4 billion

Cash left over: $1.8 billion

Disney signed Geroge Lucas' Lucasfilm for $4 billion back in 2012. Activision Blizzard could have made the deal, and still had enough dollar left over to make the new trilogy and spin-offs (The Force Awakens has an estimated budget of $200 million).

Marvel comics

Cost: $4.2 billion

Cash left over: $1.7 billion

Another major Disney purchase, Marvel was picked up by the house of mouse for $4 billion (a number their financiers are apparently keen on) in 2009. Activision Blizzard could have used their left over monies to make all three Iron Man films and both Avengers flicks.

Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal

Cost: £3.8 billion

Cash left over: £0

According to Dr Tom Markham's valuation of football report, three of the biggest footballing clubs in the Premier League could have been picked up for the same as King Digital. Football clubs don't make money in the same way as video games or films, but you get the idea...

Dallas Cowboys

Cost: $3.2 billion

Cash left over: $1.7 billion

Yep - even the most valuable sports team in the US isn't 'worth' as much as King Digital. They'd have enough cash left over to pick up the Atlanta Falcons as well. 

Nokia phones

Cost: $5 billion

Cash left over $900 million

Nokia sold its phones business to Microsoft for five big ones back in 2014 - though the lucrative patent portfolio cost a further $2.2 billion.