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5 men that proved tuxedos don't have to be boring at last night's Oscars

Featuring Bryan Cranston & Chris Rock

5 men that proved tuxedos don't have to be boring at last night's Oscars

Oscars red carpet round ups can often be pretty dull because, generally speaking, a tuxedo is a tuxedo. Sure, it generally looks cool but there's rarely a great amount of versatility. It is what it is and it's a classic look for a reason. 

That said, there's nothing wrong with sparking things up a little...


It takes a brave man to go for an all-white tux - a man who's able to not spill anything down himself for starters - but also a man that knows how to choose something that fits. Get it wrong and you look like a rubbish mob boss, get it right and you're a timeless classy-looking red carpet pro.

Bryan Cranston

The classic tux. Cranston's sported various takes recently due to being an awards aficionado these days (see his double-breasted Golden Globes effort) but this is back to basics. If he was slightly younger and we could get the image of him peddling blue meth to the masses out of our minds he could be Bond.

Chris Rock

Presenter, and arguably the most important person at this years Oscars, Rock managed to make sure that his outfit was as snappy as his one liners without resorting to the usual by going for the mismatched tailored look.

Ryan Seacrest

If in doubt, throw in a bit of grey a la Mr Seacrest, picking up additional points for managing to get his cuffs to poke out at the perfect length. The devil is in the detail though, and the black embellishments around his pockets together with that watch are just enough to make him stand out without being too ostentatious.

Jared Leto

Where to begin. On paper this should probably be an absolute disaster but Leto has somehow managed to make this cooler than a refrigerated polar bear. From shunning the bow tie for a rose, to those shoes. This is a chap who's confident enough to wear almost anything and a perfect example of the benefits of throwing caution to the wind every now and then.