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5 amazing smart features the future of printing will demand

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5 amazing smart features the future of printing will demand
19 August 2021

The way we work has fundamentally changed over the last year. While much of this change is for the better, it means that many of us have had to quickly learn new ways of working, while trying to adapt a work life balance. And, boy, has it been tough. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who have had to try to write an important email to our boss, while making dinner and entertaining the kids at the same time.

In fact, we have become pros at managing a video call while ushering a small child and dog out of the room just out of shot. And if you want to know our ‘business on top, party down below’ attire for those calls, then we’ll quite happily give you the number of our tailor.

In short: we have all changed how we are working and this isn’t the end, far from it. Over the next few years the technology we will use will adapt more than ever to the hybrid WFH/office environment.

Take your printer. This seemingly straightforward gadget is set for a revolution - no longer will it be a machine destined for the corner of the office, but the ultimate smart printing system that’s ready for you, when you need it. Want to know more? Here are 5 amazing smart features the future of printing will demand… and the good news is, the innovations are already here.

5 amazing smart features the future of printing will demand

1. Imagine a printing future where you’ll never run out of ink

We’ve all been there: that important letter has been typed up and all it needs is for you to print it out, sign your name on it and send it off. Except there is a problem - no ink! The beautiful black stuff is nowhere to be seen, the cartridge is dry and the words coming out of your mouth are definitely not safe for work.

The good news is that there are already services that mean you will never run out of ink again - even if you’re partial to printing out a self-written novel week in, week out.

Services such as the smart ink offering from HP+ printers means you have the option to subscribe to Instant Ink and save up to 70% on superior-quality Original HP Ink or Toner, conveniently delivered when you’re running low straight to your door.

2. Your printer will become your own personal security guard

Imagine a world where we are all given our own personal security detail, much like when a president comes to visit a country and the secret service are in tow, speaking into earpieces. While we can’t quite promise you that when you buy your next printer, innovative services such as those offered with HP+ printers, helps detect and prevent malware attacks, keeping you ahead of hackers. Now that many of us are WFH and don’t have IT pros on hand when things go awry, this sort of thing is essential in making sure that our homes don’t become a hacker hotbed.

5 amazing smart features the future of printing will demand

3. You will be able to print from virtually anywhere - yep, even there

Even though we may have all shifted the furniture about in the spare room to create a makeshift office - at one point we were using an ironing board as a desk, if you are to do this we recommend that you turn the iron off first - with the world opening up we can all venture carefully into the big outdoors. Not being near your printer, though, doesn’t mean that you can’t print. There are numerous apps around (such as the HP Smart App) that allow you to print and scan from the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

4. Print. Plant. Grow

If you are working from home right now, it’s likely that you are finding yourself printing that little bit more. Thankfully there are initiatives out there now - and we’re sure more in the future - that means that sustainability is key to the printing process. With HP+’s zero-deforestation printing, you can be safe in the knowledge that for every page printed, HP invests in the restoration, protection and responsible management of forests. And it doesn’t just stop at paper. HP’s closed-loop cartridge recycling programme means that every Instant Ink cartridge used is recycled. It's simple, just return the cartridges in the prepaid envelope provided with the new cartridges.

5 amazing smart features the future of printing will demand

5. Your printer will become the ultimate friend with benefits

Er, we just checked what that phrase actually means and while we definitely do not mean that, we do mean that purchasing a printer is no longer the end point. There are now a number of fantastic features you can get that enhance the printer experience and make sure you will reap the benefits for years to come - Take something like HP+.

HP+ means that your printer is more secure, more productive and more sustainable than ever and it is not a subscription service. It is a cloud-based printing solution embedded in select HP printers (ready for you to set it up as a HP+ printer via the HP Smart app), which offers all of the benefits we’ve outlined plus a whole host more. It means that your printer is ready when you are - something that’s essential in these uncertain times.

For more details, head to HP's official HP+ page now.