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35% of adult Brits still sleep with a teddy

The remaining 65% includes us. Honest.

35% of adult Brits still sleep with a teddy
21 February 2012

Despite the traditionally stiff upper lip and refusal to let emotion get the better of us, it seems that we Brits are much softer than we want to admit.

In fact, if this latest survey is to be believed, we ought to be ashamed.

Every year, over 75,000 teddy bears are left in Travelodges across the country. Spurred by this devastating statistic, the hotel chain decided to quiz 6,000 countrymen to discover more about our relationship with our inanimate furry friends.

A whopping 35% of adults still sleep with a teddy bear while 25% of men admit they take one away with them on business trips. 1 in 10 single men admitted that they hide their bear when a woman stays over while, worryingly, 15% of men treat a cuddly toy as their best friend, sharing intimate secrets.

Scared of our fellow Englishman? Us?

(Image: Rex Features)