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25 Times Keith Richards was the Most Stylish Man in the World

25 Times Keith Richards was the Most Stylish Man in the World

25 Times Keith Richards was the Most Stylish Man in the World
Danielle de Wolfe
17 September 2015

Keith Richards: a man so distinctive that a famous Hollywood character was based upon him.

That screen icon was, of course, Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a worthy honour for a man who, from the moment the Stones burst out of Swinging London Town in the early 1960s, has constantly forged his own unforgettable, truly individual and utterly cool style.

Keith Richards, this week's ShortList cover star and a man who, given his herculean intake of toxic substances really should be dead, we salute you.

Crosseyed Heart, Keith's new solo album, is released 18 September

(Images: Rex)



Fresh-faced and following in the footsteps of their Scouse contemporaries, the Stones originally experimented with matching outfits. We never knew leather waistcoats could work, but in the hands of Keith: no problem.


A classic plaid shirt does for Keith as the band start to forge their own, individual, style.


Paisley cravat and a cigarette, accompanied by a leather jacket: you can't really go wrong.


Keeping it simple and monochrome with a black button up polo shirt and white trousers.


"What chance have you got against a tie and a crest" sang Paul Weller. When it's Keith wearing it with a pair of thin-rimmed specs, absolutely none.


And what could improve on that previous outfit? Why, a white fluffy jacket of course.


Keith takes up his place as the ringmaster of the Stones' 1968 tour with this top hat, eye patch and dress shirt. Plus, of course, a cigar.


The sixties were nearly over, and Keith contemplates the new decade with a hint of the style he was to adopt over the coming years.


What a look. Scarves, badges and funky white LA sunglasses. Shouldn't work, obviously does.


The first appearance of the leopard-print that Keith was to frequently incorporate into his look. Extra points for the polka dot bow tie.


We have no idea what's going on here: just look at those trousers. Look at them. You could get lost in those. Cool though.


A brief nod to punk as Keith goes for a ripped white slogan vest and an all-black telecaster. (Sid) Vicious stuff.


A classic Richards look: sunburst telecaster, black leather jacket, rainbow strap and that iconic bandana.


The formal look for a press conference: back to monochrome with a natty neck tie.


A purple silk vest donned by Keith. Inspiration from Prince perhaps? Maybe, but he's the King.


Leopardprint jacket and matching banner, topped off with all-black shades. Easy tiger.


Lilac jacket and an ocean-style aquamarine shirt. A riot of paint colours.


You thought Pharrell did big hats first? Think again.


Taking it arty, a glimpse of that wonderful mane of hair with a simplistic black outfit.


Suntanned Keith rocks a dark maroon vest. Not many 62-year-olds could do that, but then not many 62-year-olds are Keith Richards. In fact, not any (unless their name coincidentally happens to be Keith Richards).


Relatively restrained for Richards: dark blue and black to rock you all night long.


No, it's not Jack Sparrow: Keith dons the 'tache to excellent effect.


Attending a 'stop the cuts' march, even low-key Keith can't resist an excellent skull-featuring beige scarf.


Another excellent example of scarf selection, plus 'summer safari' hat.


Keith rocks the sportswear: well, it's a physical activity up there on that stage isn't it?