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20 times Marvin Gaye was the coolest man on the planet

No one could rock a tux quite like Mr Gaye

20 times Marvin Gaye was the coolest man on the planet
10 August 2015

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You couldn't get away with singing a song like Sexual Healing unless you looked flawless while doing it. Lucky for Marvin Gaye, then, that not only was he blessed with good looks, but he was also given the enviable gift of style. 

No matter what he wore - velvet suits, grandpa-esque jumpers and countless pocket squares - he looked achingly cool while doing it.

Like these 20 times, for example...

All smiles

Right at the beginning of his career, Marvin looked fresh-faced and dapper in his suit, tie and elegant pocket square.

The sign says it all

His pocket square still in tow, but this time working a debonair checked waistcoat, Marvin looked the picture of elegance while indulging in a spot of self-promotion.

Posing up a storm

Knowing the power of a pout long before selfie sticks were invented, Marvin worked the camera - and his tux - like a pro during a 1960s photoshoot. 

Leading ladies

Surrounded by beautiful dancers, Marvin was in his element as he performed on The Tami Show in 1965.

Pearly whites

Captured during an off-duty moment in the 1960s, Marvin's stance is a masterclass in how to combine a million dollar smile with a simple polo shirt. 

Ruffling feathers

In a sharp suit and ruffled shirt, Marvin showed he wasn't afraid to try new trends - just look at those cuffs.

Soul singer

Looking melancholy as he sung on the TV programme Thank Your Lucky Stars, Marvin opted for casual white and creams, without a pocket square in sight.

Ready, Steady, Go

Appearing on TV in the 60s, Marvin pulled out another of his sophisticated suits, along with that infamous grin. But the clean-shaven look wasn't to last long...

Bearded wonder

In the 1970s, Marvin adopted an inimitably perfect beard, which we can't get right, no matter how hard we try to emulate it.

Cosy cool

In a comfy V-neck jumper and yet another suave two-piece suit, Marvin's style was as self-assured as his voice.

Stage presence

At the Royal Albert Hall in 1976, Marvin beamed at the legions of fans singing his lyrics back to him as he performed his many hits on stage. 

Personalisation pro

Confidently wearing an sports jacket without anything underneath, Marvin had his own name emblazoned on the chest - because when you're a worldwide icon, why wouldn't you?

Nice ride

One of the perks of being a musical legend is the cars you get to drive. Marvin knew this only too well, taking a walk ahead of his Rolls Royce in Notting Hill in 1976 wearing one of his many polished suits.

Casual cool

In a laid-back sweatshirt and beanie, Marvin did dressed down cool just as well as suited and booted elegance.

Papped again

Marvin even managed to look dignified when being mobbed by adoring fans, like this time in London in the 1970s. 

80s glory

In an image that could only have been taken in the 1980s, Marvin beamed in front of a garish pink background, adding some pizzazz with his white suit and champagne tie. 

All smiles

At the American Music Awards in 1983, Marvin flashed the crowds another of his memorable smiles - just before taking to the stage to wow the audience with a soulful rendition of Sexual Healing.


Proudly holding his Grammy Award aloft, Marvin stole the show in a velvet suit, bow tie and - you guessed it - a trademark pocket square.

Family man

At the height of his Grammy Award-winning success, Marvin looked happiest when posing with his family - who were dressed just as sharply as him. He even mentioned his kids in his acceptance speech and waved at them from the stage.

Legend in leather

In one of the last photos taken before his tragic death at the age of 44, Marvin stared square into the camera, an imposing figure in head-to-toe leather.