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20 Noughties Fashion Trends That Should Never Have Happened

20 Noughties Fashion Trends That Should Never Have Happened

20 Noughties Fashion Trends That Should Never Have Happened

The 90s gets a lot of flack for the dubious looks it produced. But if that decade was the terrible night out then the noughties was it’s hangover – infinitely worse. Here are the trends that should have never seen the light of the millennial day. 

1. Spiked hair

Rock hard gel teamed with a finger-in-plug-socket look became popular for reasons unknown.

2. JNCO jeans

The sheer weight of these made putting them on a workout in itself.

3. Nugget Earrings

Primarily the tribal wear of footballers, diamond earrings the size of chicken nuggets were an unfathomable thing.

4. Puka shell necklaces

Made solely for Hawaiians, not residents of Hull.

5. Oversized logo t-shirts

Nothing says fashionable like a logo that dominates the garment. 

6. Bleached hair

Pouring peroxide onto your barnet until it was drier than the Australian outback was the questionable name of the game. 

7. Soul patches

Noone was able to pull these off without looking like an online predator.

8. Ed Hardy, in general

Ed Hardy clothing was dead long before the Jersey Shore cast donned the threads. The guidos just nailed the coffin shut.

9. Von Dutch hats

Whoever instigated this trucker hat trend (Paris Hilton) has some answering to do. 

10. Crocs

If these weren’t made of rubber and useful to health professionals, we’d suggest burning every last pair.

11. Tinted frameless glasses

Even rose tinted ones won’t help us look back upon this time fondly. Elton John remains the only man who can pull these off.

12. Visors

Equally terrible on and off the golf course, this entire look is now a joke item.

13. Wallet chains

These were basically an arrow to your wallet that caused one side of your jeans to sag.

14. Patchwork denim

Main culprits: *NSYNC
Ring Leader: Justin Timberlake (no-one has forgotten the couples matching denim ensemble, JT).

15. Faux hawk

A style faux pas.

16. Multiple popped collars

Because one wasn’t bad enough.

17. Baggy camo pants

So wide you could fit your waist in one leg. These served as nothing but emphasisers to chicken legs.

18. Studded belts

Nothing says emotionally unstable like a studded belt.

19. Nylon tracksuits

These weren’t even alright when being worn ironically.

20. Square toe shoes

Need we say anything about these flipper-like atrocities?