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20 Most Iconic Outfits From Film

20 Most Iconic Outfits From Film

20 Most Iconic Outfits From Film
13 October 2015

Sure, we get a lot of inspiration from the catwalks when it comes to kitting out our wardrobes, but we’d be lying (and you would be too) if we said films didn’t influence our fashion choices. Throughout the ages, movies have played just as big a role as the fashion houses.

Here are some of the most iconic threads from the silver screen.





1. Danny Zuko’s leather jacket (grease)

Flawless quiffs aside, Danny’s leather jacket was the coolest thing on the screen and it stood the test of time (even if his hairstyle didn’t).

2. Alex DeLarge’s bowler hat (a clockwork orange)

Alex may be the antithesis of what you’d associate with a bowler hat (city boys of yesteryear and Charlie Chaplin) , but now he’s all that you can associate it with.  

3. Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega (pulp fiction)

The writing is on the wallet. These two pull off a pair of black suits better than anyone in the business.

4. Marty Mcfly’s gilet (back to the future)

He obviously had a knack for rocking double denim, but the real talent came to his layering game. We can’t see a red gilet without thinking ‘great Scott!’

5. Raoul Duke’s hat and sunglasses (Fear and loathing in las vegas)

Depp was so committed to portraying his friend Hunter S Thompson that he wore some of the man’s actual clothes. But while the shirts and jackets were Thompson’s, the hat and sunglasses were Depp’s addition, and arguably the most iconic pieces of the ensemble.

6. Maverick’s aviators (Top Gun)

To be honest, Maverick’s get up is military standard really. Except for the sunglasses, which should now become mandatory. 

7. Bane’s coat (The dark knight rises)

There’s a lot that could be said for Tom Hardy’s villain. However, ignoring his facial accessory it’s his shearling coat that can be emulated every winter.

8. Tyler Durden’s red jacket and shirt (fight club)

Before he reveals the extent of what he really is, he reveals his unforgettable style.

9. The Driver’s jacket (Drive)

While not many of us rushed out to buy this coffee coloured piece with a scorpion stitched into the back, we did buy into the idea of bomber jackets instantly. 

10. Indiana Jones’ fedora (Indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark)

Probably the only cool archaeology professor ever, we’re putting it down to the hat which is by far the best accessory in the international treasure hunting game.

11. Freddy Krueger’s jumper (a Nightmare on elm street)

This is probably the only horror villain that you could take a style tip from for your everyday. Fray a black and red striped jumper and you have top-notch grunge style, throw on a fedora and leave out the knife-gloves and you’re onto a good thing. 

12. The Dude’s dressing gown (The big Lebowski)

We wish we gave so few f-bombs that we could stroll around Tesco in our dressing gown, but we’d never pull it off as well as The Dude. And we’d probably be institutionalised.

13. Han Solo’s vest (Star wars)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away Han Solo rocked a vest better than anyone in the universe could and ever will.

14. Max Fisher’s beret (Rushmore)

Before Max Fisher saved Latin, he saved the raspberry beret.

15. John Shaft’s turtle neck (Shaft)

Worried that a turtle neck will make you look like your secondary school bonkers art teacher? Look to Shaft, who made them and checked trousers actually cool. Even he couldn’t make the knee length leather jacket suave though. 

16. Jim Stark’s bomber jacket (rebel without a cause)

It’s just a given that anything James Dean wore was made of thread spun from the very fibres of cool.

17. Gordon Gekko’s braces (Wall Street)

His braces were even iconic in the film, with apprentice Charlie sheen donning a bright red pair to mimic his mentor.  

18. Steve Zissou’s trainers (The Life aquatic with steve zissou)

Yes, Zissou and his team are unmistakable in their pale blue jumpsuits and red beanies, but it was really their custom Team Zissou Adidas trainers that sent everyone into a frenzy.

19. Ace ventura’s Hawaiian shirt (Ace Ventura pet detective)

Ace Ventura was ironically hipster before the term ‘hipster’ even came to be. 

20. Napoleon dynamite’s t-shirt (napoleon dynamite)

This t-shirt is the only exception to the no-slogans rule.