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20 classic films in booze form

The movie's tipple of choice on a poster

20 classic films in booze form

Want. Want all of them. But that may make our poky London apartment look a little odd.

Even so these posters are simply ace. The work of The Moxy Creative House this collection is called Mixed Reviews: 20 Classic Men’s Movies Liquerated. In a nutshell they have simply taken the well known drink from a given movie, added a funky little look, slapped it on a poster and voila, superbness all over the place.

If we could only pick one we'd go for The Big Lebowski. Or Rocky. That's two isn't it?

In comments section tell us what they could add to this fine collection and we'll get the ball rolling with Swingers.

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Dr. No

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There Will Be Blood

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A Clockwork Orange

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The Departed

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Groundhog Day

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The Hangover

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The Big Lebowski

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Blue Velvet

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American Pie


Coffee & Cigarettes

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

A Menace To Society

Miami Vice

Moulin Rouge

The Nutty Professor


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