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16 Pieces Of Style Wisdom From Famous Musicians

16 Pieces Of Style Wisdom From Famous Musicians

16 Pieces Of Style Wisdom From Famous Musicians
09 September 2015

Whether it's scaring parents, changing the world or causing a sudden increase in the sales of leather jackets, musicians are some of the finest influencers in the land.

Here are 15 great musicians talking about their style philosophies and how they approach looking so damn good all the time.

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Jim Morrison

“Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts.” 

Jay Z

“Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself.” 

Keith Richards

 “You don’t find a style. A style finds you.” 

Pharrell Williams

 “Fashion is more about feel than science.” 

Jack White

"I don't like image for the sake of image, there has to be meaning underneath it. There has to be a reason for what colour is where and why it's used." 

Julian Casablancas

"You know how bands have to decide what to wear onstage. We just decided that we would wear what we wanted to wear onstage all the time, so we wouldn't have to think about it." 

Liam Gallagher

"How can you be stylish if you never wash? Look at these grungers – they just walk around filthy with matted hair and smelly T-shirts, looking like tramps – where’s the park bench and the Special Brew? "

Kanye West

"Skinny pants are rock 'n' roll. And big coats are really hip-hop. I'm looking for 50 percent rock 'n' roll, 50 percent hip-hop, 50 percent genius. Because, you know—for genius, you have to be at a hundred and fifty percent." 

Ed Sheeran

 “Quirks might seem weird when you’re young, but they make you stand out when you’re older and that’s an important thing.” 

Johnny Rotten

“The real colour of my hair is mouse. I always want to be ginger, which I was when I was born, or blond, because I live in LA, and I want to look like I go surfing without any physical effort.” 

David Bowie

“I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.“ 

Nick Cave

"It’s not necessarily always about a linear way of thinking—what’s coming next. This is a broader expression. It’s celebrating other art forms and it feels fresh. If fashion is an evolution, presentation is an evolution too.” 


 “I could go on stage, unzip my pants, and hang my dick out and people would think it was some statement or something.” 

Serge Pizzorno

“You can’t really leave the house without making some sort of statement, whether that’s a Tony Soprano tracksuit or a boiler suit, someone’s gonna say something. It’s always been on my mind.” 

Sam Smith

"I want what I wear to be iconic. Not even what I wear, the way I hold myself. Things that I would look at pictures of in 60 years' time and they'll still be in fashion. That's what I like."