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15 Dishes That Taste Better With An Egg On Them

15 Dishes That Taste Better With An Egg On Them

15 Dishes That Taste Better With An Egg On Them
Danielle de Wolfe
02 September 2015

There's a whole lot of good a decent chef can do with an egg. Cheap, packed full of nutrients and versatile as James Milner, they're far too nice a food just to be eaten for breakfast.

Here are 15 excellent foods immediately improved by sticking something yolky on there.

In a hamburger

There's bacon and eggs, and then there's burger and eggs. All the meaty goodness, balanced out with the sweet calming flavour of the yolk.

With Avocado

The nice brunch stalwart and a constant Instagram mainstay, a fried egg in an avocado is a nice way to look like you have your life together while you secretly beat a hangover.

In your ramen

Watch as the egg's golden centre oozes out into your liquidy broth and try not to add your drool.

With peppers for a Turkish breakfast

You haven't lived until you've tried menemen - that's Turkish scrambled eggs served with peppers, onions and tomato. Served heartily with big chunks of bread, it's one to kick your hangover into touch. 


Add a fried egg to some chopped onions, cucumber and some red chilli. Fresh and funky.

On your pizza

Crack an egg on your pizza as it nears cooking and kid yourself that it's healthy.

With your asparagus

No excuse for not eating your greens here.

In a meat pie

Scotch egg pie. Yes.

As a side to your steak.

Steak and eggs is the classic strongman breakfast of choice. It also makes for a king's dinner. Funny that. 

In your soup

Egg drop soup is the height comfort food. Whisk some eggs in quickly with some chicken stock and forget your troubles. Add noodles if you're feeling fancy.

In your toast

Call it eggy toast, call it sunshine bread, call it whatever. Appreciate it for what it is - happiness with a bit of bread.

With a whole load of tomatoes and Greek yogurt

North African dish Shakshouka is an easy to make, tangy delight. Get the recipe here and head to Flavour Town - population: you.

With your crepe

If you make it anywhere near as photogenic as that, well done.

With a Croque Madame

Yes, an egg to top off a ham & cheese sandwich. Egg-cellent

In your curry

Take the edge off the spice levels with some egg-laden goodness.