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£1000 Job Eating Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Pays Amaze(ingly)

£1000 Job Eating Mayonnaise
11 June 2013

Would the job of constantly eating something you love be brilliant, or would it diminish your love of that foodstuff as it became a chore? We'd still like to think it would be the former, particularly given our experiences with burgers.

But one lucky/unfortunate soul is about to find out, after a mysterious job listing appeared on the Japanese textboard 2channel. The task? Just eat mayonnaise and get paid 150,000 yen (£991) for doing so.

Applicants must be healthy, Japanese, male and between 20 and 45. The chosen one will then consume mayonnaise and undergo a cholesterol test five times. That's it. Given the payment and the lack of information, we may like to hazard a guess that the worker will do well to end the test healthy. They'll probably still be Japanese, male and between 20 and 45, but who knows what sort of crazy mayo will be involved - maybe that's not guaranteed either. We await the results with interest.

[via rocketnews24]

(Image: Shutterstock)