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10-Minute grooming masterclass

Your morning routine sorted

10-Minute grooming masterclass

Find it difficult to get out of the door on time on a Monday morning? And when you eventually stumble into the office, do you look like Nick Nolte in his infamous 'mugshot' era? Well, don't worry friends for help is at hand in the form of our very own Baron of the Bathroom, ShortList's style director Adrian Clark. Let him take you through a fool-proof 10-minute grooming regime, which will not only make you more attractive to everyone you come into contact with, it will also prevent the police from taking you in.

  • Always shave after a shower

A layer of hot water between your skin and the lather will allow the razor to skim your skin’s surface, rather than drag, which can cause irritation and redness. Plus hot water opens pores, relaxes facial muscles and softens the hair so you’re not tugging on every follicle.

  • Only exfoliate once a week

Exfoliation is where you scrub your skin with an abrasive lotion to remove the top layer of skin, revealing fresher skin and preventing in-growing hairs. However, too regular exfoliation can damage the pH level of skin, making it dry, flaky and even promoting broken veins. Never exfoliate the sensitive eye area.

  • Raid your kitchen

No exfoliator in the cabinet? Make your own by adding a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to your face wash. It’s acid neutral, and as a fine yet hard powder and removes dead skin cells without irritation.

  • Clear up pillow puffiness

Having your face in a pillow for eight hours doesn’t do anyone any favours. Constrict the blood vessels in your face with a splash of hot water, immediately followed by a generous splash of cold.

  • Never forget aftershave balm

Shaving is not a particularly kind practice. Using a razor every day can remove the top layer of skin making your face very sensitive. Balm will soothe the skin providing a protective layer from the environment and keeping in moisture.

  • Control the fluff

Does your freshly washed hair resemble a blown-dried poodle? Spray on some leave-in conditioner to dampen down flyaway hairs. It doesn’t act as a styling product but it will impart some control on your newly discovered Seventies trim.

  • Fragrance for the evening

If you're date-bound after work, wear your fragrance on neck as that’s where women will naturally come closest to when you’re chatting.

  • Scent: before not after dressing

Although it might be tempting to spray fragrance all over your clothes, it’s not wise. It’s difficult to remove the smell from clothing and it has been known to stain.

  • Avoid 24-hour deodorant

Let’s be honest chaps, you shouldn’t go 24 hours without showering anyway. Plus the chemicals in some of these more powerful deodorants block pores.

  • Replace your blades every four days

Dull blades will cause you to push down harder on your skin; this simply pulls at your hairs causing irritation and possibly leading to painful in-growing hairs.

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