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10 Gadgets to keep you warm this winter

10 Gadgets to keep you warm this winter

10 Gadgets to keep you warm this winter
07 December 2015

Hot water bottle and an extra pair of socks? How quaint. 

If you want to keep warm this winter, here's how to do it the smart way.

Classic Fleece Face Mask by ColdAvenger

The ColdAvenger Classic Fleece Face Mask is everything the avid Winter jogger needs to keep warm AND pollutant free while running past the simple walking folk.

The hidden nose-wire and loop closing means a bespoke and snug fit whether you have a face like Mr Burns or Desperate Dan. Lightweight, breathable, anti-microbial, makes you look like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat... SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY.  


Flame baselayer by FuelWear

Available in multiple sizes and colours, Flame baselayer may sound too dangerous to put near “the jewels” but trust us the machine-washable, soft bamboo fabric feels great.

With a smart temperature controlling system that only works if you are cold (similar products offer simple ‘on’ or ‘off’ control), these sure aren’t your granddad's vest.  


The Warm Series by Digitsole

Bluetooth controlled warm feet?  Sold.  Simply tap your smartphone to raise the temperature on these snazzy looking insoles that will also shame you into walking further with the built in pedometer function. Android and iOS compatible.

€199 Cozy by

With a very handy magnet in the corner of each glove you stand a good chance of keeping them from going astray after week two of purchase. A good thing too, as while these aren’t the cheapest of gloves out there, they are some of the most insulated we’ve tested. Coated with an "Invisitouch material" (read: secret squirrel formula) the gloves are stylish but also work with your touchscreen devices without cut-off fingers.


Presse by Bobble

Admit it, coffee at the office is bad at the best of times. Presse removes this first world problem by enabling you to make a fresh cup of coffee from grounds right at your desk with nothing but brute strength!   

Add coffee grounds to hot water and in one satisfying action you have the perfect, fresh cup of joe to go. Triple insulated your java will remain lava temperature for up to four hours - rinse and you are ready to go again.


Slippers by Muji

Okay, perhaps insoles are a stretch too far for you - don’t worry, we have low-fi for you.  

These rubber-soled beauties from Muji are che...good value and are made with anti-microbial materials that kills bad smells, so there will be nothing to blame anything on the dog this Winter (in the foot department at least... you’re on your own with the sprouts).  


Cookie USB Heater by Mustard

Falling on the more whimsical side of the USB cup heating spectrum, this cookie makes cold tea a thing of the past keeping all liquids at a toasty 50°C.  

Now all you have to worry about is it getting swiped.


AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater by Dyson

Dyson knows a fair whack about sucking air, so it stands to reason they know about blowing it out too.  

You won’t have time to think about this though because people will be asking you where you got your black nickel sculpture from. Stunning looks aside, the fan works well and heats up a medium sized room in about 10 minutes - and it'll still be safe to touch. Smart.  


Beard Hat by Beardo

Perhaps you just want to see what the fuss is about, or perhaps you just want to protect the face tree you've lovingly cultivated.

Either way Beardo has you covered with a plethora of double take inducing head warmers with a chin cup attached. Go forth and be a woolly hipster.


Ultimate Slanket

Ah...old faithful.

Sure wearing a Slanket automatically makes you look like a university student who may or may not need to get out a bit more - but when you’ve got one on you won’t be sure how you ever lived without one before.  

Just when you think the 60” by 80” Slanket can’t be any better the boffins go and add a foot pocket which enables it to turn into... a couch cushion. We've ordered four.