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10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

Apple's Far Out event was packed with new tech: here are the best bits.

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more
Marc Chacksfield
07 September 2022

September is always a big month for Apple fans. It's the time of the year when the tech giant opens its doors to the world like a gadget-obsessed Willy Wonka, live-streaming just what goodies it's been working on over the last few months (sometimes years).

This year, its September event event was billed as Far Out. No, this didn't mean that Apple was embracing its inner hippie and munching on too many CBD gums - although one of its new features is called Dynamic Island - but showcasing phones that make use of satellite tech. You see, because satellite's are far out... ah, forget it.

Want to know more? Of course you do: here are 10 amazing things that Apple just announced...

1. The new iPhone 14 range packs a MASSIVE screen

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

Apple has launched four new iPhones: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. As with previous launches, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are the smallest of the range with a screen size of 6.1 inches.

If you want to go bigger, though, then both the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max have screens that are a whopping 6.7 inches.

While all the screens have been given a new Super Retina XDR display, the Pro and Pro Max's screens are also Always-On displays - which is the first time this tech has ever been on iPhone (yes, pipe down Android users we're aware you have had this feature for years).

The Always-On capabilities mean that the Lock Screen is now actually useful, with the time, widgets and Live Activities all available at a glance.

2. The new iPhone 14 range also packs a MASSIVE battery

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

While all the iPhones have better batteries (compared to last year's models), the iPhone 14 Plus boasts the best battery life ever in an iPhone.

How? Well, it's all to do with the A16 Bionic chip keeping power levels down, the phone's innards being re-jigged to offer better thermal performance - oh, and they've slapped a bigger battery into the thing. This means that you 'should' get all-day battery life from the Plus and then some.

3. The new iPhones have satellite tech that can save you in an emergency

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

This is where the Far Out part of Apple's event comes from. And, to be fair, the technology is impressive. The humble iPhone (if you are in the US and Canada) will now converse with satellites for its Emergency SOS feature.

How does it work? Well, here's the science, according to Apple: "Emergency SOS combines custom components deeply integrated with software to allow antennas to connect directly to a satellite, enabling messaging with emergency services when outside of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage."

In short: if you are somewhere where a phone signal isn't available, Apple will now use the power of satellites to notify the emergency services and give out your location.

4. The new iPhones take much better selfies and push photography to the Max

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

All new iPhones have been equipped with a much better selfie cam, thanks to improvements in the auto focus of the front-facing TrueDepth camera. This is the first time autofocus has been used in this way on an iPhone.

More impressive are the camera features on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is the phone to get if you are really serious about your photography, as for the first time Apple has put a 48MP Main camera into an iPhone.

It has also improved low-light photography and made sure any action shots you are taking with the handsets are as smooth as they can be. Couple this with an improved telephoto lens, new cinematic mode features and 4K video shooting and you'll be taking pro-like shots with the thing in no time.

5. Oh, and the notch is now a notification bar (seriously)

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

Goodby notch, hello Dynamic Island! Yep, that's what Apple has called its new notch - which offers up notifications and like where the notch currently resides.

According to Apple: "The Dynamic Island enables new ways to interact with iPhone, featuring a design that blends the line between hardware and software, adapting in real time to show important alerts, notifications, and activities."

And there's more! "Without impeding content on the screen," reckons Apple, "the Dynamic Island maintains an active state to allow users easier access to controls with a simple tap-and-hold. Ongoing background activities like Maps, Music, or a timer remain visible and interactive, and third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information like sports scores and ride-sharing with Live Activities can take advantage of the Dynamic Island."


iPhone 14 will be available for £849, iPhone 14 Plus for £949 - pre-order from 9 September.

iPhone 14 Pro will be available for £1099, iPhone 14 Pro Max for £1199 - pre-order from September 9, with availability beginning Friday, September 16.

6. There's a new Apple Watch Ultra for those outdoorsy types

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

That's quite enough of the new iPhones, now on to a brand-new Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged Apple Watch that's built for the outdoors, much like your Uncle Larry. It has been made to withstand extreme conditions, much like when you are down wind of your Uncle Larry.

According to Apple it has been "designed for athletes of all kinds, with specialised straps for endurance training, outdoor adventures and water sports."

It certainly looks built to last and has a titanium case, which should be able to take a knock or two, precision dual-frequency GPS and up to 36 hours of battery life. It can also withstand scuba diving up to 40 metres, freezing temperatures down to -20° C and temperatures as high as 55° C.

Apple Watch Ultra will cost £849 and is available to order today, with availability beginning Friday, September 23.

7. There are also new Apple Watches for those who aren't outdoorsy types

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

Apple has also revealed the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Series 8 has an Always-On Retina display and all-day 18-hour battery life. It also comes with better body temperature sensors which are set to improve its health features.

The Apple Watch SE is 20% faster than the version that is out now and features a redesigned matching back case made of a nylon composite material which makes it lighter than ever. It comes with a new Compass app and enhanced fitness and wellness features.

Apple Watch Series 8 starts at £419 and Apple Watch SE starts at £259.

8. These new-fangled Apple Watches can now detect if you are in a crash

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

One of the standout features of all the new Apple Watch range is that they can now detect if its wearer has been in a crash... not an economic one as that would mean every Apple Watch on the planet would be beeping right now but whether you are unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident.

According to Apple it has "developed an advanced sensor-fusion algorithm that leverages a new, more powerful gyroscope and accelerometer on Apple Watch, which now has the highest dynamic range accelerometer in any smartwatch."

Nope, we don't have a clue what that means either but Apple reckons its new motion sensors can tell whether a severe car crash has taken place, using data from the barometer, GPS, and the microphone on iPhone.

If a crash is detected, it will ask if you want to dial emergency services and do this automatically if you are unresponsive after a 10-second countdown. Device location will also be shared with your emergency contacts.

9. Apple's launched some new AirPods that look the same... but sound different

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

One glance of Apple's new AirPods and you would be forgiven in thinking that not much has changed but it's the inside that counts.

Apple has added a powerful new H2 chip to the earphones which upgrades Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode. Spatial Audio has been tweaked, too, as have the touch controls. You can now control media playback and volume adjustments directly from the stem of the AirPods.

Add to this a bigger battery, a better charging case and (finally) new tips for those whose ear holes are on the small side and what you have is a decent upgrade.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation) will be available to order for £249 from 9 September.

10. Finally! Fitness+ is finally heading to iPhone

10 amazing things Apple has announced: new iPhones, AirPods and more

Fitness+ is a decent fitness service that has been available to Apple Watch users for a while now. But now it is being opened up to iPhone users, too. The fitness and wellness service features over 3,000 studio-style workouts and meditations - all done by Apple's in-house trainers.

Apple has also introduced Artist Spotlight which is a new series of workouts featuring the music of Mary J. Blige, The Rolling Stones, and The Weeknd. The series dedicates an entire workout playlist to a single artist.

Apple Fitness+ is available as a subscription service for £9.99 per month or £79.99 per year, and can be shared with up to five other family members.