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Three push-up upgrades


How to tweak a humble exercise and work your whole body

“The push-up is the ultimate bodyweight exercise,” says leading personal trainer Matt Roberts. “But it’s often disregarded as many people find it too simple. By switching up hand and feet positions, the push-up can become a versatile muscle-builder that will leave you begging for mercy.” Here are Matt’s inspired variations on an old classic…


1. The incline push-up

“This works well for beginners and is also good for developing chest muscles. By placing your hands on a raised sturdy object and set your feet back, it will drastically take away the weight of one’s body to help assist a perfect press.”


2. The decline push-up

“By placing your feet on an elevated object and hands on the floor, the decline push-up will help to activate more of the lower pectoral muscle fibres, and therefore help develop a better shape to one’s chest.”


3. Diamond-hand push-up

“This requires a close-grip hand position forming a diamond shape on the floor. This puts a lot more tension on the tricep muscle and the inner part of the chest.”

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