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The Most Expensive Places In The World To Go On Holiday


Deceptive as the past few weeks have been, today is a stark reminder of just how quickly a British summer downpour can dampen your spirits.

Understandably, two million of us Brits flock elsewhere in search of proper summer holidays and the imminent risk of sunstroke.

We eagerly board flights to far flung destinations, but the costs of a day in some of our most frequented countries are higher than the obligatory parasail.

Here’s what you’ll spend on a daily basis in some of the most expensive destinations this summer:  

1. Barbados (£109)

2. United Arab Emirates (£101)

3. Austria (£92)

3. Czech Republic (£92)

5. Switzerland (£91)

6. Belgium (£88)

7. United States (£87)

7. Luxembourg (£87)

9. Holland (£81)

10. Hong Kong (£78)

(Source: Santander analysis of ONS Travel Trends 2014)


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