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Good news: Men now live almost as long as women


Sooner or later death comes to us all. But, according to some new statistics that essentially give us all licence to smoke forty a day and sniff asbestos, it’s more likely to be later (unless you’re Scottish obviously).

New research in the Lancet indicates that by 2030 men will be living 85.7 years on average - just two fewer than women. That’s a reduction of four years between the sexes since 1981, when women lived six years longer.

As usual, having more money might not bring happiness but it does make you live longer. People living in the dead centre of London are expected to regularly make 90, which begs the question: do people actually live in the City of London? We thought it was just banks and Slug and Lettuce outlets. But if that’s where Bruce Forsyth chooses to make his home then who are we to judge?

Hover over this map for all the stats and info you need about how long you’re going to live (sorry Blackpool):


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