Swedish party to ban men standing up to use the toilet


If you ask a woman what male characteristic they're most jealous of, we bet that the ability to stand up while visiting the toilet would be high up there. We literally have no evidence to support this but we're positive that it's an accurate claim.

Yet over in Sweden, a liberal party is hoping to cruelly remove this God-given gift from the hands of local men.

The Left Party, classed as a socialist and feminist group, believe that it's more hygienic for men to sit down when they're using the toilet as it reduces the risk of puddles and residue plus it's seen as better for a man's health as it empties the bladder more efficiently.

They're trying to bring this piece of legislation in for men working for the Sormland County Council. The Left Party's Viggo Hansen wants the office toilets to be gender-free.

Quite how they're going to police in-stall behaviour is still terrifyingly unconfirmed.

[via The Local]

(Image: Rex Features)


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