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Some science bods reckon they've solved the debate about where to keep your ketchup

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Gary Ogden

Where do you keep your ketchup? Some people keep it in the fridge, others keep it in the cupboard. The odd weirdo keeps it out on the kitchen top, and I keep it in my bedroom, where I keep all my condiments and spreads. Once a flatmate caught me eating peanut butter straight out of the jar with my fingers whilst lying on my bed – I’d honestly rather he’d caught me having a wank. It was a low point.

Anyway, the debate has finally been settled – you’re supposed to keep tomato sauce in the fridge. The Good Housekeeping Institute says so. Once opened, you put your ketchup in the fridge and you have to eat it within three months or you will definitely die.

But it’s not just the red stuff – this applies to a number of other condiments, too. Here’s the full list, complete with instructions:

This is all very well and good, but here’s what you should actually do with them:

That’s that sorted then.


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