Sherlock season finale had a surprising hidden guest star

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Last night’s season finale was an emotional, fitting end to the long awaited season 4. But secret sisters and hearing Jim Moriarty’s sadistic, sultry voice again aside, there was also another shocking hidden secret at the very end of the episode in the form of a special guest.

During the case montage taking place in 221B Baker Street, we see a glimpse of a man dressed as a viking unconscious on the floor being inspected by Dr John Watson. That modern day viking is in fact the Modfather, Paul Weller.

If it wasn’t for the end credits it would’ve been highly missed, but the Jam frontman is bezzies with fellow mod Martin Freeman, who most probably bond together over double breasted blazer, blunt fringes and kicking the shit out of lads in leather jackets on Brighton beach.

This isn’t the first time they’ve featured on screen before either, as Freeman recently starred in Weller’s music video for Pick It Up, where the mod hobbit took part in some destructive DIY.

Another season of Sherlock is not planned, with co-creator and Mycroft actor Mark Gatiss saying “We’re not planning it to be, but it might be.” However, every Sherlock season finale usually ends on a painful cliffhanger followed by at least a one year wait, but last night’s finale tied everything together a bit too nicely.


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