Breaking Bad was more influenced by Pulp Fiction than you thought


Trunk shots, overdoses, close ups of drug merchandise, toilet reading – the criminal worlds of Vince Gilligan’s Albuquerque and Quentin Tarantino's Los Angeles aren’t as different as you may have thought.

Because while Gilligan clearly had one famous Bard in mind when plotting his meth Macbeth we all know and love as Breaking Bad, when it came to the visuals, he had another reference point. That being Pulp Fiction, with the references coming thick and fast in the five seasons of the show.

You might have spotted some yourself – so a pat on the back for that - but we fear not as many as video editor Jorge Luengo Ruiz, whose latest work pairs scenes back-to-back to show the full scope to how similar the 1994 film and the recent TV show are.

Though only a fool would choose Los Pollos Hermanos over a Big Kahuna burger.