This wrestler celebrated winning a championship by body-slamming his own coach

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Matt Tate

Outside of the occasional 3pm-on-a-drab-Monday daydream, we wouldn’t know much about winning wrestling championships and the resulting adrenaline rush. But we would like to think that if we did, we’d celebrate exactly like Cory Clark. 

The Iowa senior clinched the NCAA title for his college over the weekend, taking down a South Dakota opponent despite wrestling with torn ligaments and a busted shoulder. He was pretty damn happy about it, understandably.

The young grappler was so pumped to claim his first national championship, in fact, that in a glorious moment of pure euphoria he took hold of coach Terry Brands and chucked him onto the mat. 

The mentor was asking for it, though. He literally asked for it – at least twice. “I was kind of out of it out there,” Clark told reporters after the clash. “I grabbed him and he said ‘Throw me’. I go, ‘No.’ He goes, ‘Throw me.’ I said, ‘All right.’ I grabbed him and threw him. So that’s what happened.”

In a longer tweet posted by the NCAA you can clearly make out Brands instructing his protege to put him on the ground. Always listen to your coach. 


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