This heartbroken Venezuelan football fan’s reaction is all of us


Supporting a football team is like nibbling on a biscuit you find wedged at the bottom of your sofa. You know it’s hazardous to your health but, hell, you do it anyway.

But if anyone can sum up the pain felt by fans following their team, it’s this chap, captured on camera watching his beloved Venezuela being dismantled by Lionel Messi’s Argentina (they eventually lost 4-1) during the Copa America this weekend.

One moment he's jumping up, half expecting the opponent’s net to bulge, the next he looks like he's seen a ghost as the fact his side spurned the opportunity sinks in, as  does that old familiar feeling of failure. Turning from general anxiety to full blown devastation in a matter of seconds, we suspect even rival fans will have some begrudging sympathy.

It also reminds us of that famous episode of The Simpsons when Lisa rejects the romantic advances of little Ralph Wiggum, breaking his heart in front of thousands of TV viewers, allowing Bart to show it her again in slow-motion. If you know what we mean, you're going to love this...